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Rebecca E.
28 November 2016 @ 09:26 am

It's that time of year again! It is time I posted my Christmas Card Exchange post! Actually it is a tad later than I normally have been. Since I am a bit late this year I am hoping to get all the cards out by the second week of December,  but given my lateness this year I will be willing to send out christmas cards throughout december.

Once again there are no conditions to receiving a card from me:

If you want a card, I will send you one!

If you live in a country other than Australia, no biggie everyone I have exchanged cards with people that live in all parts of the world!

If you can't afford to send a card to Australia but would still like to receive one, no issues, I will send one to you! This is for my own enjoyment and not about how many cards I receive.

If you celebrate a holiday other than Christmas and would still like a greeting card, just let me know in a comment what you celebrate and I will find a card to suit your beliefs!

If you have randomly stumbled across my LJ and would like a card, I will send you one.

If you would like to do a card exchange, or would like to receive a card from me, please do not hesitate to comment with your full name and address (including country) either here in the comments below or in a PM. ALL COMMENTS ARE SCREENED FOR PRIVACY. Do not hesitate to ask for my address if you would like to send a card in return, however once again that is not a requirement.

Also please leave details of which holiday you celebrate if it is something other than Christmas.

Remember there is no one and no where I will not send a card to.
Rebecca E.
27 November 2016 @ 12:37 am

November was a crazy month so the makeup looks this month were mostly thrown together last minute.

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That's all for novembers looks. Next month will be Christmas/holiday themed.

One more month left!

Rebecca E.
29 October 2016 @ 10:37 pm

Halloween month! For the first time in at least four years this is the first time I haven't actually had plans for Halloween. It was good to play around with some 'costumey' looks without going to full on like I have in the past.

Honestly I didn't have much energy this month.

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Another month bites the dust. Don't think there will be a theme for November as I have a wedding to go to on the 19th.

Until then! Xoxo

Rebecca E.
25 September 2016 @ 05:34 pm

I have recently got into using Snapchat stories, and since I save everything to memories anyway I thought I would share them here, one story at a time!

Today's tale is not the first snapchat story I made, however it is the most epic.

Let's go back a few weeks ago to the night of Friday the 9th of September 2016,actually make that early morning on Saturday the 10th of September 2016 at roughly 2am.

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story.... The tale of Miss Bowles and her dog.

(Cut for 19 photos. Warning: coarse language)

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Rebecca E.
24 September 2016 @ 11:04 pm

At the end of August/Start of September, I invested in some new makeup (basically I ended up in some random chicks house on my lunch break at work) that I thought I would try out for this months looks, all but one Saturday (will explain below) followed a theme of same lip and eye colour.

Onto the looks!

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Since next Saturday is the 1st of October I have already decided on a Halloween theme for the month, just not sure what to do yet.

I am going to try and make more posts in the coming weeks, I feel like there is so much I haven't shared on here that I have on my other social media.

In case you want to keep up to date with my life and such you can find me at:

Instagram @ bekilorraine

Twitter @ thetellyhope

Snapchat @ bekilorraine88

Rebecca E.
27 August 2016 @ 11:43 pm

Since August is the month I was born, for this months makeup looks I decided to do memories/favourite things from my life.

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No idea what September will bring!

Rebecca E.
02 August 2016 @ 11:46 pm
Not to fall in love with shows because of certain characters when said characters get an incurable illness and/or die soon after I start.

Both my two current addiction shows have done this to me, and why the f*ck did I have to read some brilliantly written death Fics around those characters and their illnesses. I am a f*cking idjit!


The good news is though my muse has been re-ignited in ways I haven't felt in years. Not just fic muse (lol my fic muse who I named Watson back in my NCIS fandom days - I'm sure you fangirl a get it my muse Watson), but my own fiction muse!

I had a brainstorm for a script idea today while I was at work, I honestly haven't had an idea for a script since my late high school/early Uni days! I suddenly want to by books and DVDs on the subject to help with research!

Think I will start it off as a novel for NaNoWriMo this year though!

I almost cried with happiness when this inspiration and long forgotten feeling struck today!

I have been so stressed and run down lately due to work and life things that this little spark has ignited something bigger in me and made me feel alive again! (That doesn't mean I still don't feel run down as all hell but it is a positive!)
Rebecca E.
01 August 2016 @ 10:50 am
You know you're a fangirl when you are sitting at your desk at work, ordering DVDs of movies and shows that have actors from your newest show addiction in... Even though you probably don't have the money to buy them without using your credit card.

Also possibly ordering the new Harry Potter online...

Hey my birthday is this month can't I order myself an early gift? Lol

Just need to check with the father if he will be able to pick up the DVDs.

Also why the fuck is Casualty only special order here? Same with Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake. Grr!!!
Rebecca E.
30 July 2016 @ 09:39 pm
This month has felt never ending. It has been quite stressful and I am ending this month fighting off a minor throat issue. But once again I have not missed a week (though I was tempted to this week and just made it last week).

Anywho onto this months photos! I decided to experiment this month with different ways of using one main colour and as little others as possible.

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Rebecca E.
01 July 2016 @ 12:03 am

My heart is broken again, today my American Family Emily & Patti had to say their final goodbyes to their beloved dog Becca (named after me since she was an Australian Shepherd).

We knew it was coming, they had discovered that the poor love no longer had any normal lung tissue, it was all tumours - but it doesn't make it any easier knowing it was coming.

I was at work on my lunch break when I saw the message from Emily, I shocked two of my co-workers when one minute I was laughing, and then I was in tears.

It is still to soon after Fonzie to lose another dear pet, and even though I never actually met Becca in person I have heard every story about her and talked to her over Skype sessions I had with Emily and her mom.

I have no doubt Fonzie and Becca are now in Doggy Heaven (because all dogs go to heaven) having so much fun playing together.

R.I.P my American puppy.