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01 July 2012 @ 01:08 am
101 Goals in 1,001 Days - Take #2 - STARTS NOW!!  
My new go at the 101 goals in 1,001 days challenge begins today so what better way to start than with posting my list! I was going to post it today anyway but I received a text from Nat today asking if I wanted to go to Comic Con with them today and what else is a nerd like me to say but F*CK YEAH!! We're going to comic con baby!!! LOL which will actually help with one or two of my goals!

anyway here we go:

101 Goals in 1001 Days: (in no particular order for now, will make separate posts for each category to go more in depth with check lists.)

1 Try 10 things I have never done before
2. Keep room clean for a year.
3. Buy a double (or larger) bed.
4. Have my fortune told/cards read
5. Spend one day each year being a kid again.
6. Organise address book, Birthday Book and Planners
7. Spend one weekend each month completely offline for a year
8. Organise parents files and my files/photos/emails
9. buy nothing new (apart from necesseties) for one month
10. spend an entire day saying yes
11. build a fort with fairy lights and spend the entire day inside reading
12. make a budget
13. have started saving to move out of home
14. save $10 for every completed goal
15. go for learners
16. start masters
17. learn sign language
18. take a first aid course
19. take a photography course/class
20. learn more html
21. learn 10 words/phrases in another language
22. research 5 topics and fill a 100 page book on each
23. learn to play 3 songs on the ukulele and 3 songs on the keyboard
24. expand my vocabulary by 100 words
25. write in a diary every day and a dream journal once a week for a year
26. write a rough draft of a novel
27. have a successful 365 project
28. complete a 52 week project
29. make at least one ditl post
30. complete two other photo projects
31. photograph and post various collections
32. photograph all goals upon completion
33. shoot 5 rolls of film and get them developed
34. buy a polaroid camera
35. have 2 makeup photo shoots with nat and shane
36. learn to cook 5 new dishes
37. learn to make 5 desserts/snacks
38. try 5 new alcoholic drinks
39. try 5 foreign foods
40. learn 5 yoga poses
41. try zumba
42. get psoriasis under control
43. get my vitamin d level up
44. get my weight down
45. start a proper daily routine
46. cut out added sugar and salt for a month
47. exercise 3 times a week for a month
48. create 5 simple and 5 not so simple nail designs
49. catalog nail polishes
50. wear that purple dress out
51. find a new signature scent
52. get a passport
53. go on a road trip
54. see snow
55. go out of state
56. take a trip on a plane
57. catch a train to a random place
58. go ice skating
59. go on a ghost tour
60. go out on the eureaka skydeck
61. write emily once a month and send all the gifts i have for her
62. have an adventure with the lovelies every six months
63. make time to catch up with the full cousins
64. do something nice for the parents every 6 months
65. send a thank you letter to someone each year
66. visit nannys grave
67. get in contact with an old friend
68. donate unused clothes etc. to diabetes victoria
69. try to donate blood again
70. donate to an important cause
71. donate $10 to charity for every task i dont complete
72. try to complete OSAAT and NW(D)O
73. Participate in Tibbs yuletide each year
74. post 20 other NCIS fics on ff.net
75. Scrapbook baby album and school years book
76. Craft at least 10 things and complete 5 pinterest projects
77. handmake all greeting cards for a year
78. buy and complete a wreck this journal
79. complete a large canvas painting
80. create a snow white costume
81. use my sewing machine
82. Participate in BEDA and NANOWRIMO each year
83. Start tweeting again
84. Make one non 365/52/101/beda post on livejournal each week for a year
85. send a secret to post secret
86. Transfer all posts from beki-lorraine lj to this-years-me lj and close old journal
87. organise and re-vamp this-years-me lj
88. start that book review blog
89. do one month long project/meme each year
90. make a 101 goals update every 100 days
91. watch every star wars movie in release order
92. catalog and organise my books/dvds/vhs tapes/cds
93. go to at least 1 live concert or performance
94. read 5 banned books
95. buy and listen to 10 artists i am unfamilliar with
96. read/watch/listen to 10 suggested books/movies/artists
97. read every harry potter, sherlock holmes and john green book
98. watch/re-watch every x-files episode/movie
99. watch/re-watch every 9th, 10th & 11th doctor who episode/special and every torchwood episode
100. watch 101 movies i have never seen before
101. read 101 books i have never read before.

I think these are a lot more achievable than my last lot of goals (sometime this week I will make a post on that).

Since I am still uploading photos from my ipod to photobucket I will start on the category posts. 
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