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02 August 2016 @ 11:46 pm
Someone please remind me:  
Not to fall in love with shows because of certain characters when said characters get an incurable illness and/or die soon after I start.

Both my two current addiction shows have done this to me, and why the f*ck did I have to read some brilliantly written death Fics around those characters and their illnesses. I am a f*cking idjit!


The good news is though my muse has been re-ignited in ways I haven't felt in years. Not just fic muse (lol my fic muse who I named Watson back in my NCIS fandom days - I'm sure you fangirl a get it my muse Watson), but my own fiction muse!

I had a brainstorm for a script idea today while I was at work, I honestly haven't had an idea for a script since my late high school/early Uni days! I suddenly want to by books and DVDs on the subject to help with research!

Think I will start it off as a novel for NaNoWriMo this year though!

I almost cried with happiness when this inspiration and long forgotten feeling struck today!

I have been so stressed and run down lately due to work and life things that this little spark has ignited something bigger in me and made me feel alive again! (That doesn't mean I still don't feel run down as all hell but it is a positive!)