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The Times They Are A Changing....

Guess who had to change her LJ lyout for the first time in literal years?

Apparently the creator of my last layout (which I loved with all my heart) must be inactive/has delted things/whatever and the backgraound image was no longer supported by tinypic.

For now I have changed it to one of LJ's 'Premium' layouts, the dog in the header image reminds me of my Pixie girl (who is asleep beside me) so I thought that would do for now.

Maybe one day I will work out my own... who knows... kinda been saying that for years though so doubtful.

Another attempt at a goals list

It is 10:45pm on August 27th and tomorrow is my 32nd birthday.

I know you are all tired of me attempting goals, especially after I recently failed my mid year goals... however there was extenuating circumstances and had been going quite well on a movie, book and album every week until that point (which I won't go into now for reasons but lets just say I am really lucky to be seeing my birthday this year, even if it is full of anxiety, panic and a mix of sleeples and drug induced nights. I am fine physically though).

For accountability reasons I want to make a list of things I would like to either get in the habit of or have completed by my next birthday.

  1. Make an effort to put my phone down half an hour before going to bed and read a book.

  2. Watch more movies. Espcially movies that seem to be on most peoples must watch as well as discovering little known gems.

  3. Listen to more music. I listen to the same few songs, I need to not only listen to artists I don't know but listen to full albums by artists I claim I love but only play a few songs on repeat (basically I just need to listen to more MCR and stop playing Black Parade, I'm Not Okay (I Promise), and Teenagers)

  4. Invest in some nicer clothes. I only seem to own work clothes, graphic nerd tees and PJs, I recently went to a fancy coworkers 50th at a rooftop bar and had to wear a top I have worn before and borrowed a jacket (I looked pretty dang good but still). I have started this already and found a couple of nice things on sale.

  5. Open a savings account and do the 52 week project (Though it might be in reverse). With the issue I am not mentioning at the moment I was left struggling for cash recently and I need to start a no spend savings account seperate from my Christmas Club Account.

  6. Complete a (virtual) 5K. I get emails all the time from virtual strides and I think that would be an awesome way to get more active (and possibly partake in an actual 5k one day). I know I can do it, heck I took the dog for a walk the other day and ended up walking 6:39km in 1hr and 15mins. Also there is so much to see in my area so why not?!

  7. Have another clear out. I have so many books I will never read and so many clothes that dont fit I just need to donate it all to charity. This includes a digital clean up. Honestly I currently have 14,635 emails in iCloud mail, and that is the account I check multiple times a day.

  8. Start a proper everyday/night skin care routine. I have one... that I only do every couple of nights, but I notice how much better my skin is when I clean it properly.

  9. Take more photos. I used to take so many photos when hanging out with friends, these days I dont, and that makes me sad.

  10. Make more posts on here. I know I keep saying this but I don't want this LJ to fizzle out, that also means commenting on my LJ friends posts.

Lastly, and I am not making this a number because it is just something I generally need to happen, get back into a better restful sleep. I have so much sleep anxiety at the moment (which if you knew the situation you would understand why) and I just need to sleep. Legit except for the past few nights, I have been sleeping with headphones in listening to either instrumental music or audiobooks (which let me tell you can be kinda freaky when you wake up to an insturmental version of Creep, James Earl Jones reading bible passages about Noah, and fuck knows what Benedict Cumberbatch was yelling about). I am just so exhausted.

I will try to make more posts on these goals as my next year of life goes on, and I will sometime in the nearish future explain what I am tiptoeing around here.

Til next time:

Peace... Out.

52 Week Entertainment Journal - Week 2


Film: After (2019) directed by Jenny Gage ⭐️⭐️ (mostly for pretty interiors)

Book: Jewel Kingdom 1: The Ruby Princess Runs Away (1997) written by Jahnna N.

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New (financial) year goals

So as we already know I suck at keeping track/completing the goals I set out for myself.

Read more...Collapse )

Long time no see!

*insert my usual apologies about being away for so long*

Soooooo... yeah.

I apparently haven't posted here since the last day of feb... and it is now May 27th... tomorrow will be 3 months since I posted.

Hmmm what has happened in that time...

I think me hurting my back at work because of a coworker refusing to help me lift something happened in about March... yup... that happend, wasn't too bad but I was sore for a few days, that did lead to my proudest moment but I will talk about that at another time.

I took 2 weeks annual leave at the end of April... which was all fun and games until I decided to see Avengers: Endgame for the first time on the friday before I went back to work... lets just say after seeing it the first time I couldn't get out of bed for two days... my heart hurt.

My first week back at work I went and saw it a second time... It is worse/more traumatic the second time! Did you hear about the woman needing to be taken to the hospital after a screening of Endgame because she was crying so much? That wasn't me... but it almost was.

Went back to work for 2 weeks... then got sick.

I woke up the friday of the second week - the weekend of Mother's day - with a sore throat but thought nothing of it, sppent the day making playdough (at work) and then went shopping that night. By saturday night I had a cough, fever chills. sunday was worse. Called in sick to work on monday and went to the doctor, he gave me a couple of days off with orders to take prednisone and rest, if it wasn't better by wednesday to go back.

Went back the wednesday, the cough was worse and he gave me my first lot of antibiotics and some sough syrup... I went through the whole bottle that week/weekend... and he gave me the rest of that week off from work.

Still felt like crap over the weekend, but dragged myself out of bed monday with a slight fever still and a bad cough, went into work... made it until just before midday, before a coworker dragged me to the boss' office and said I was still sick. He said thankfully I had enough sick leave to cover the rest of the week if i needed more time off and told me to go home. (Boss' actual words were "F*ck Off" - said in jest - his way of telling me not to worry about work and get better).

Went to the doctor tuesday, he put me on a second course of different antibiotics, referred my for a chest xray, and actually ordered me to take the rest of the week off. I needed it, was still crappy all last week and over the weekend.

Managed to drag myself out of bed today to go to work - purely because I have no sick leave left... I didn't even make it until 9:45... boss told me to go home again, when I said I had no sick leave left he worked out a plan for me to work from home so I still get paid but can get the rest I need.

I get my X-Ray results back tomorrow so hopefully we know more of whats going on. I had been telling people since late March that I had been feeling run down and like something was lingering under the surface, and now it has just taken me over.

It is not the flu, and not a cold, the doctor is not sure what is causing the cough. Just so tired from coughing, it gets worse of a night and I think one of the meds is causing reflux.

So yeah... thats basically whats been happening in my life.

How is everyone else?


I have had the week from hell.

Yesterday wasn't actually too bad but Tuesday and today (Thursday) was abouslute shite.

I didn't realise until this morning that I had missed out on posting yesterday. the first time this year I havent made a post.

I blame the Kardashians. I have been watching too much of it lately.

Today I have tried to cheer myself up with a marathon of The Monkees episodes, which actually worked quite well.

One more day. One more day of work for the week.

I can make it.

I know I can.

A Year In Snapshots - February 26th 2019

Welcome to my monthly mental breakdown. February is always that worst. Luckily I have lush bath bombs waiting for me at home.

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