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27 August 2016 @ 11:43 pm
Saturday Night Makeup - August 2016  

Since August is the month I was born, for this months makeup looks I decided to do memories/favourite things from my life.

Week 31 - August 6th 2016

The first look is inspired by the first movie I ever saw at the cinemas - Aladdin!

Actually it is princess Jasmine based but you get what I mean.

Still to this day Aladdin is my fave animated Disney/Disney princess movie.

Week 32 - August 13th 2016

The next look so long to try and work out how it actually was, and I am not sure the colours are actually anything near what it is.

This look is inspired by the first pop song I ever learnt the words to by myself just from listening to it over and over.

The song was Honey to the Bee by Billie Piper.

Yes, I was a MASSIVE Billie fan way before I ever saw doctor who. In fact Billie was one of the reasons I wanted to watch Who.

If you have seen the video this is not based on her makeup when she is standing and wearing blue, this is based on the scenes where she is on that big cushion or whatever in the yellow outfit.

Still love this song! "Come on and Buzz me up to heaven"

Week 33 - August 20th 2016

I thought since I had done a movie and a song memory I would go to a TV memory! I debated doing a Buffy, a Doctor Who (but I already had one Billie look), or a Charmed look, however I decided to go a bit more recent.

This look is inspired by 'Bonnie' from the Casualty episode Holby Sin City.

It is a cheesy stand alone episode but it is an Ethan based ep so I obviously am in love with it.

I had to do a casualty based look because it has taken up so much of my time lately and this month the big 30th anniversary episode airs (actually it is on today - the 27th).

Week 34 - August 27th 2016

And last but not least we come to the day before my 29th birthday.

This is a Swan Lake/Ballet inspired look.

I was never into really girly things as a child, but I always LOVED anything ballet related.

Sadly I never danced.

I saw my first live ballet only a few years ago but I grew up loving Centre Stage, Save the last Dance, and my fave artist is Degas.

In fact today I had planned to go to the degas exhibit at the art gallery but I have rescheduled that until next weekend.

I also recently purchased tickets to Matthew Bourne's Lord of the Flies ballet in April next year.

I can't wait!

No idea what September will bring!